Covid-19 Catch Up

Covid-19 Catch Up Premium Strategy Statement 

 School name

Cranmer Primary school

Pupils in school


Catch up premium allocation


Publish date

March 2021 

Review date

July 2021

Pupil premium lead

Stephanie Iwegbu

Governor lead

Benedick Harris

Overarching catch up strategy aims and actions 


Barrier to Learning


Projected Cost

Priority 1

Children’s inability to access remote learning 

To provide all Pupil premium children with a tablet device to access home learning, during and after the lockdown


Children’s’ access to technology has been an important factor affecting the extent to which they can learn effectively at home. In particular, lack of access to technology has been a barrier for many disadvantaged children. As all pupils return to schools, technology could also be valuable; for example, by facilitating access to online tuition or support as well as regular home learning. 

Priority 2

Enabling class teachers to have a clearer understanding of children’s attainment levels. 

Purchase of assessment materials to identify gaps in learning.


Assessment can help teachers determine how to most effectively support their pupils. Every pupil will have been affected differently by Covid-19. Subject-specific assessments will be used to identify particular areas where pupils have forgotten or misunderstood key concepts, to ensure that new material being covered builds on secure foundations. Standardised assessments in literacy or numeracy might be used to identify pupils who would benefit from additional catch-up support. Providing pupils with high-quality feedback, building on accurate assessment, is expected to see good progress. 

Priority 3

Any gasps in learning due to absence form school need to be addressed 

To address gaps through targeted interventions and tuition programmes. This will be delivered by the National Tutoring Programme (NTP)


In the summer term, to improve educational outcomes, we will provide high-quality academic support, through small group tuition delivered by teachers or trained tutors. In order to support pupils who have fallen behind furthest, structured interventions, which may also be delivered one to one or in small groups will be provided. A particular focus for interventions is on literacy and numeracy. Programmes are likely to have the greatest impact where they meet a specific need, such as oral language skills or aspects of reading, include regular sessions maintained over a sustained period and are carefully timetabled to enable consistent delivery. 

Priority 4

Our youngest children had missed out on early developmental learning. 

Delivery of Early Years Speech & Language Programme (NELI) to targeted Reception children.


The Nuffield Early Language Intervention is a 20-week programme proven to help young children overcome language difficulties. It is designed for children aged 4-5 years and combines small group work with one-to-one sessions delivered by trained teaching assistants, targeting vocabulary, narrative skills, active listening and phonological awareness.

Priority 5

Many children had become physically inactive during lockdown. 

Additional PE coaching from Merton Schools Sports Partnership during the summer term.


Many children have missed out on the benefits of regular physical activity which has an adverse effect on their health and wellbeing. They have also missed out on the social benefits that participation in team sports, such as teamwork and fair play.



(£5200 still to be allocated)



Outcomes to be achieved for each aim



By when

To provide all pp children with a tablet device to support home learning and remote learning where applicable 

 All children to be able to access home learning and remote learning where applicable

 December 2020

Purchase of assessment materials to identify gaps in learning.

Assessment processes carried out and interventions delivered

April 2021

To address gaps through targeted interventions and tuition.

All children to good progress 

July 2021

Delivery of Early Years Speech & language Programme (NELI)

Programme to have been delivered and assessment data to show accelerated progress.

July 2021

Many children had become physically inactive during lockdown.


All children to have access to an enhanced level of high quality sports coaching

April 2021


Review: aims and outcomes (to be competed in July 2021)





Priority 2


Priority 3


Priority 4


Priority 5



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