Cranmer Vision and Values

Cranmer: creating a community of caring, collaborative, critical and creative thinkers.

We are very proud of Cranmer’s excellent reputation for standards and behaviour in the community. High standards of courtesy, consideration for others and good behaviour are expected, and are evident to all who visit the school. Good behaviour and respect forms the foundation for the quality of relationships and learning.

The maintenance of good discipline, a pleasant environment and a well-ordered routine is vital for pupils’ academic and social development.  Cranmer has a clear behaviour policy, and we are committed to ensuring that good behaviour and kindness is celebrated and rewarded. Pupils are expected to behave well on their way to and from school, and to wear the school uniform with pride.

At Cranmer we have clear values of respect, trust and resilience. These values permeate our school.

Future citizens will require not only good academic qualifications but the ability to problem- solve, collaborate with others, and be creative. At Cranmer we ensure that our pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that enables them to become independent learners. We also teach ‘philosophy for children’ from Nursery to Year 6. This enquiry based learning allows our young people to develop and explore ideas. We are passionate about providing a curriculum that will provide our pupils with the academic rigour and skills for secondary school and beyond.

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