House Teams

Cranmer has three ‘houses’ designed around the three stars on Cranmer’s crest. Each house has been named after a constellation, which goes along with our aspiration for all pupils to ‘reach for the stars’. Aquila (Eagle) House’s colour is sky blue – representing sky blue thinking; Cygnus (Swan) House’s colour is lavender - for the historic lavender fields of Mitcham; and Phoenix House’s colour is gold – representing rising from the ashes.  Every pupil is assigned a house on entry to Cranmer. House activities are conducted and inter-house competitions take place throughout the year, culminating in our summer sports week.  The different houses can be identified by the stripe of colour in the pupils’ ties and the colour of their PE T-Shirts. Approximately a third of every class belongs to a different house. House points are collated weekly and the winning house rewarded termly.

Aquila (Eagle) - Sky blue

Cygnus (Swan) - Lilac

Phoenix - Gold 




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