SEND and Inclusion

At Cranmer, we believe that all of our children have an equal right of access, under the Equality Act 2010, to a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to achieve educational success and to reach their full potential. We use our best endeavours to meet each child's additional needs and make reasonable adjustments in order for them and their families to fully participate in the life of the School.   

We understand that some children, at some point during their primary years, may need additional support to access the learning at their level. We seek to identify and assess such 'special educational needs' promptly, in consultation with parents. Children may receive support individually, in small groups or through resources and equipment made available in class, and progress is monitored regularly. 

We recognise that children’s learning needs are varied and complex, and can be short- or long-term. We also recognise that SEND can result from a wide range of circumstances and situations e.g. learning difficulties, developmental delays, physical, sensory, emotional and / or psychological needs. Through effective assessment for learning, underpinned by caring, supportive relationships, as outlined through our school values, staff will be able to identify those individual pupils with special educational needs and offer them support and quality educational provision to enable them access to the curriculum.

Our approach to teaching pupils with SEND

Teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of all the pupils in their class. 

High quality teaching is our first step in responding to pupils who have SEND. This will be differentiated for individual pupils. 

Adaptations to the curriculum and learning environment 

We make the following adaptations to ensure all pupils’ needs are met:

  • Differentiating our curriculum to ensure all pupils are able to access it, for example, by grouping, 1:1 work,
  • teaching style, content of the lesson, etc. 
  • Adapting our resources and staffing 
  • Using recommended aids, such as laptops, coloured overlays, visual timetables, larger font, etc. 
  • Differentiating our teaching, for example, giving longer processing times, pre-teaching of key vocabulary, reading instructions aloud, etc. 

Additional support for learning 

We have a number of teaching assistants who are trained to deliver interventions such as Toe by Toe, ELSA and more. 

Teaching assistants will support pupils on a 1:1 basis, in small groups and in whole class settings. 

We work with the following agencies to provide support for pupils with SEND:

  • MAUS
  • EP
  • VBS
  • LBL
  • Sensory Team

Our Inclusion Lead is non-class-based and works full-time leading the school’s approach to Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

We have a large team of teaching assistants, including higher-level teaching assistants (HLTAs) who are trained to deliver SEND provision.

We use specialist staff for Nurture, ELSA, EKLAN and Theraplay. 


The Jigsaw4u Home School Links Service have been providing support to children in Cranmer since 2010.

Currently, our Child and Family Support Worker is called 'T'. 

Our Child and Family Support Worker Offers:

  • Weekly sessions with children with emotional and/or behavioural problems.
  • Small group work for children with specific worries.
  • Support for parents through individual and group sessions.
  • Consultation with school staff and referral on to other agencies.

If you feel your child would benefit from T's support please speak to either your child's classteacher, Miss Doherty or one of our Parent Support Advisors Miss Sidaway and Miss Kerr.

Play Therapy

We know how important it is to support the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils. Our belief is that providing therapeutic support to our pupils, can remove barriers to their education and can impact their long term wellbeing. 

We provide a range of quality interventions, including having our own on site Play and Creative Arts Therapist (PTUK), Lucy. She works across the whole school either with groups or individuals, for a minimum of 12 weeks or longer if needed. 

Play Therapy is a form of child centred therapy, mixing non-directive and directive work. Play Therapy enables children (and adults), to feel respected so that they can be fundamental to leading their own process, understanding and communication of their feelings or situations that may be distressing. Pupils have the chance to use Art, Drama, Music, Sandplay, storytelling, puppets and clay to build a trusting relationship with Lucy, where they will build on their resiliency and be more able to reach their full potential.  

If you feel your child would benefit from Lucy's support please speak to either your child's class teacher, Miss Doherty or one of our Family Support Leads; Miss Sidaway and Miss Kerr. 

Inclusion information and Local Offer

To see the SEND information and Cranmer's local offer, please click here 

Gifted and Talented

The Junior aspirations project is run jointly with King’s College Junior School for pupils at St Mark’s, Ronald Ross, Abbotsbury and Cranmer Primary Schools. Run by the head of outreach at the Junior school, this ground-breaking project is designed to extend the knowledge and ability of gifted children in Year 5. 

Each year a carefully selected group of pupils from each school is invited to a two-year programme of classes which are held every Friday afternoon in term-time. Hosted by King’s sixth-formers, these embrace a wide variety of subjects, including Music, Games, French, Debating, Geography, Latin, Maths, English and Art.

Contacting the Inclusion Lead

Miss Niamh Doherty, Inclusion Lead, can be contacted by emailing:


A copy of our SEND Policy can be found by clicking here

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