Visitor Protocol

  • Wherever possible, visits to school should be pre-arranged with a member of the CLT or Early Years SEND Lead Teacher
  • All visitors must report to our main reception area in the Crescent or Court Building and not enter the school via any other entrance
  • At reception, all visitors should explain the purpose of their visit and who has invited them. They should be ready to produce formal identification
  • All Merton Council staff should show their photo ID card
  • All visitors will be asked to sign into our electronic recording system (Inventory) which will include a photograph of the visitor being taken. As part of this all visitors will be required to read and acknowledge the School Safeguarding Procedures
  • A visitor’s badge should be worn and displayed prominently
  • Visitors should wait in the reception area until they are met by an appropriate member of staff to be escorted to their destination
  • All visitors should be accompanied by a member of staff. Visitors should not be alone with pupils/children unless this is a legitimate part of their role for example a social worker seeing a child and the school has assured itself that the visitor has had the appropriate DBS check
  • If visitors find they are alone with pupils/children they should report to a member of staff or reception. This should be explained to visitors
  • In the event of a fire drill or emergency, visitors will be directed to the nearest assembly point
  • Upon departing the school, visitors should leave via reception, sign out of the building, and leave the premises immediately
  • School reception staff should check the ‘in – out’ records regularly to monitor compliance with these procedures


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